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Phala samarpanam Swamy Desikan states that one has to surrender svarupam, RakshaNa bharam and RakshaNa phalam at the lotus feet of the Lord and declare anusandhanam without any shred of doubt that, 1. The fruit that results from protecting me also belongs to the Lord and Lord alone. The terse statement of these three anusandhanams is covered in the first paadham of this slokam set in the anushtup metre: aham na mama svarupa Swamy Desikan completes the thought behind these three anusandhanams in the second paadham of the slokam with the declaration: aham, mad rakshana bharam, tatha mad rakshana phalam Sripatereva, na mama.

This triad of samarpanam is entirely controlled by the Lord and not by me is the way to perform Prapatthi according to our AchAryA.


He points out that this is how a viveki budhah should surrender his aathma at the lotus feet of the Lord Sripatereva iti budhah aatmanam nikshipet. This is the right royal way to perform Prapatthi to gain the supreme boon of Moksham says Swamy Desikan at the very outset of nyasa dasakam. They are all HIS and His will is carried out.

Aathma -samarpanam, bhara-samarpanam and PhalasamarpaNam are thus carried out. He says: O Lord! You have pervaded my soul aathma and preside there.

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This is an ancient happening! My aathma has been Yours from time immemorial. What a tragedy that I had mixed up things and had the deluded thinking that this aathma, a property of Yours is mine. When I say now that I am surrendering MY aathma at Your feet, I am committing aathmapaharam stealing of the object that is Yours and pretend that I am giving to You what is mine. Oh, My Lord! You indeed are the owner of this aathma. You are the Lord of me and the aathma. I am now cleared of my mix up about the ownership of the aathma. How can I Earlier in this paasuram, AzhwAr points out to the Lord in a mood of utter submission that he will surrender his aathma to the Lord and Lord alone and asserts that the aathma belongs to the Lord totally and he has no claims whatsoever on it.

He says: YenathAvi tanthu ozhindhen. He makes a statement thereafter: ini meelvathu yenpathu undo? AzhwAr states here that he has no thought whatsoever on reclaiming what he has just surrendered to the Lord as His property. This is SvarUpa samarpanam at its best. ThiruvAimozhi : Second Paadham: Yennyuirai aravilai seythanan sothi!

Here the AzhwAr is supremely elated after svarupa samarpanam. In that mood of blissful joy, he says: You have granted Thy feet exclusively for my enjoyment. How can I repay You for Your mahopakaram? I now make a clean, unconditional sale of it to You. It is my gesture of gratitude for Your paramopakaram.

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Oh Lord! What is happening to You now that You have accepted my aathma, which has always been Your property? You seem to have attained special effulgence jyothi as a result of accepting my svarupa samarpanam. Oh Great benefactor! You have paid very little in this commercial transaction of mine.

I sold you my aathma svarupam. The price paid by You is the enjoyment of Your lofty lotus feet. You are now beaming with joy over this transaction, where You have gained an upper hand. You are considering me as Your aathma. What a great fortune that befell me thru this SvarUpa samarpanam? These thoughts are captured by Swamy Desikan in his first slokam of nyasa dasakam. He ought to develop a spirit that it is not for me, that all is for the Lord.

Though at the time of BharanyAsam or Prapatthi - through a competent preceptor as a sacred ritual, we fulfill the five components and stress only the Bhara samarpanam dedication of one s protection burden , the two others namely Aathma nikshepa and bhara-nyasa phala nikshepa also go with it.

The two go with it, say, as the secondary or ancillaries. After this sacred event, from then on, every thing is for the Lord. The Own self is totally effaced. We exist for Him, not for us.

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We have a new philosophy to guide us. Such a dedication is in the spirit of dhvaya mantram.

The comprehension of the esoteric of this mantram is a prelude to Prapatthi though, in the current day situation most persons can not follow the exactness of the rule; may not have the tolerance to the degree of comprehending the full import of dhvaya mantram. Highlights of additional commentaries: 1. All the three, Aaathma svaroopam, Aathma rakshanam Bhara nyasam and phala samarpanam, have to be presented to the Lord trayamapi bhagavati nikshipet.

Among the three the principal however is Bhara Samarpanam tatra bhara samarpanameva pradhanam; itharasccha tadhavayava bhutham. The fourth slokam covers the phala samarpanam dealt with in the utthara KaaNDam of dhvayam, the Prapatthi mantram. In next five slokams 5 to 9 the acts to be performed after SaraNaagathy anushtanam utthara Kruthyam are described. The tenth and final slokam explains the state of freedom from worries about his protection nirbharam, nirbhayam by the Prapannan.

Among these three, Svaroopa samarpanam and Phala samarpanam is common for all the VidhyAs chosen by one who desires Moksham Mumukshu. Raksha Bhara SamarpaNam has however a dominant state in Prapatthi yogam nyasa Vidhyai because it arises from the state of Aakinchanyam and Anaya gathithvam upayanthara asakthi.

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Therefore Prapatthi is called Bhara SamarpaNam. In all these three samarpanams, Lakshmi Visishtan Lord with Lakshmi is the upayam. The same Lakshmi Visishtan is the Prathi sambhandhi upeyam. He states unambiguously, Sriman! Swamy Desikan reminds the Lord that he has laid the total responsibility of his protection at the feet of the Sarva loka SaraNyan.

This is the Saastraic way to perform SaraNaagathi with its five angas. These five angas are: 1. PrAthikUlya varjanam 3. KaarpaNyam 4. MahA VisvAsam and 5.

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This refers to his vow to perform always deeds that please the Lord. PrAtikUlya varjanam relates to the vow of one performing Prapatthi that he will not engage in acts that cause displeasure to the Lord. KaarpaNyam is connected to the word akinchana: in this verse. KaarpaNyam is a state of meekness and humility arising from the clear recognition that one has no skills or power to practice any upayams to reach the Lord such as Bhakthi yogam et al. Maha visvasam is the total and unshakable faith in the thought that the Lord will protect the saranaagathan without fail.

The words, prarthana purvam connect to the fifth limb anga of SaraNaagathi in this slokam. After observing SaraNaagathi with the above five angas, Swamy performs SaraNaagathi with the statement, Aatma raksha bharam tvayi nyasyami.